Thursday, July 20, 2006

1. This authorization to collect debt/debts is for a duration of 3/6/12 months from the date of signing of this agreement. Bysigning this agreement, the Client authorises Credit Recovery Associates (CRA) to collect by lawful means all debts whichwere assigned. CRA shall have the power to carry out any or all of the following actions:

a. To demand and receive from any person or persons, debts owing to the Client.

b. Upon receipt of the payment or any part thereof from time to time to make and
providereceipts and other proper and sufficient discharges and acquaintances for the same respectively, CRA may wholly at its own discretion, deduct any commission fees or any other sum due payable and owning to CRA and the remaining balance will be paid to the Client.

c. Upon nonpayment of the said debts and monies or any part thereof to exercise commence and prosecute all necessaryand lawful powers remedies actions proceedings and means for recovery and getting in of the same including instructingsolicitors in connection with the matter.

d. To compromise or compound for any debt and accept a part in lieu of the whole thereof and to give time or indulgencefor payment of any debt. All payments collected from the debtor his servants agents or representatives shall be made payable to CRA.

2. It is further agreed that CRA may delegate to any of our employees, the power referred to in paragraph 1 hereof.

3. The Client shall undertake to pay any fees accruing to CRA in accordance to the scale of charges set out at the time ofsigning of this agreement.

4. CRA agrees to send progress reports in writing via phone to the Client on completion of investigation.

5. Any termination of this Agreement on or before the 2 calendar months' duration shall be considered a breach of thisagreement. The client shall be required to pay in full, all commissions and fees as stated in the Agreement to CRA.

6. If any partial payment or any payment schedule/plan has been arranged by CRA with the Client's debtor, the Agreementshall continue to be in force until the complete discharge of the debt by the Client's debtor. No termination by the Clientmay be entertained once such an arrangement of payment schedule or any partial collection has been effected. In the eventthat the Client decides to terminate, all commissions and fees as stated in the Agreement must be paid in full to CRA.

7. This terms and condition agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with laws of the Republic of Singapore and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive Jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore.


You have invested in your business and worked to earn minimal profit. However, once you have a bad client who delays payments intentionally, the arrears may reach an unbearable point and cause cash flow problem. You should then fight for your rights. However, you are too busy to do so. You thought of appointing a debt collection company, but was apprehensive. We understand your predicament because the quality of several debts collection companies in the early days varied, but any companies with professional practices could grow healthily. Credit Recovery Associates is such a company, which has been established for 10 Years operating according to professional practice.

We are a regional company servicing Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc. Being a member of the American Collectors Association Inc. International, we have connections with other debt collectors worldwide. Thus, you're more likely to get back your debt using us. Any type of debt is uncollected cash, cash that is vital to the operations of your company. The longer you wait, the harder it is to collect. Even if you were to try to bring your debtor to court, it is often a long, tedious and time consuming matter. And if your debtor declares bankruptcy, you may never see your money again.